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Kind in postapokalyptischer Zukunft froh, dass Vorfahren ihm keine Schulden hinterlassen haben der-postillon.com/2024/02/schu

Habe eine Kalorienbombe im Kühlschrank gefunden. Gleich mal den Mampfmittelräumdienst rufen.

title text: Once he had the answer, Arrhenius complained to his friends that he'd "wasted over a full year" doing tedious calculations by hand about "so trifling a matter" as hypothetical CO2 concentrations in far-off eras (quoted in Crawford, 1997).


The first release of Internet Explorer (1995) is closer in time to the Apollo 11 moon landing (1969) than now.

Til Mette wieder voll auf den Punkt.

Nowadays almost all electrical devices sold in central/western Europe have plugs of typ E+F a.k.a. "CEE 7/7", meaning you can plug it in any socket E as well as F and all 3 contacts are connected.
But why is it there exists no wall socket combining E+F, making sure that all plugs of Type E, F and E+F have (at least) one connection to PE/Ground? Like just a normal F-type socket with an additional central ground prong. (only the really old "pure" E-type plugs wouldn't fit due to the outside PE contacts, but I haven't see any of those in the last 15 years, certainly not in my household)

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La meilleure infographie du monde n'existe p-

8 years later, this theory continues to track.