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DON'T PANIC! Doing a bit here, a byte there @ Puzzle ITC 🧩: k8s, OpenShift, Container Security. Bare metal background.

Too bad I actually took the day off today...

title text: We were going to try swordfighting, but all my compiling is on hold.


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And remember #CrowdStrike

No one is getting fired over this, right?

Correct. HR systems are down too.

Millions of linux users around the world had their productivity crippled by #cloudstrike as they all rushed to read the news, post hot takes & dad jokes to their Mastodon feed.

this is a test, please ignore
umlauts üäöàèé 
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My doctor says I need to start making healthier choices.

Which whiskey has the most antioxidants and vitamins?

OH: They are not lazy, they are just microdosing their productivity.

This cracks me up every time I hear it...