Felix Krohn
DON'T PANIC! Doing a bit here, a byte there @ Puzzle ITC 🧩: k8s, OpenShift, Container Security. Bare metal background.

Roses are red,
Learn to sanitise,
Your inputs next time.

Gilt ab dem nächsten Wochenende auch für unsere Katze.

Zero Trust Environments

Kind in postapokalyptischer Zukunft froh, dass Vorfahren ihm keine Schulden hinterlassen haben der-postillon.com/2024/02/schu

Habe eine Kalorienbombe im Kühlschrank gefunden. Gleich mal den Mampfmittelräumdienst rufen.

title text: Once he had the answer, Arrhenius complained to his friends that he'd "wasted over a full year" doing tedious calculations by hand about "so trifling a matter" as hypothetical CO2 concentrations in far-off eras (quoted in Crawford, 1997).


The first release of Internet Explorer (1995) is closer in time to the Apollo 11 moon landing (1969) than now.

Til Mette wieder voll auf den Punkt.