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Mir ist es wichtig, die Apokalypse schuldenfrei zu erleben

Throwback to the greatest Venn Diagram ever created to celebrate #NoVENNber

Police nabbed a graffiti artist attempting to flee the scene of committing this (picture) adorable art in the harbor of Visby, Gotland, the large island just outside southeastern mainland Sweden.
The 27-year-old was prosecuted for vandalism, with the prosecutor demanding a fine.

Police's interrogation records said e.g. that "His intention is to offer free art to passersby." and... the District Court of Gotland... agreed.

The court's ruling states that no harm has been proven and that the artist "on a gray and cracked concrete façade which is the short end of a loading dock, has depicted a lamb.", that "The way in which X has illustrated the lamb testifies to an artistic work carried out with a certain amount of artistic and technical skill." then finally "According to the District Court's opinion, the beauty value of the cracked concrete façade - in purely objective terms - has increased through X's painting." so the 27-year old artist was acquitted by the court, which also ruled that the police had must return the spray cans they had confiscated.

Damn hippies. ;-D

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Ah yeah! I love Asterisk and Obelisk!!

Gefühlt wird der Überlappungszeitraum zwischen "die Eisdielen haben noch auf" und "es gibt Weihnachtssüsskram im Supermarkt" immer länger.

OH: "Security by Complacency", i.e. when people don't fall for scams because they are too lazy.

"please explain this gap in your resume"

i am very bad at css